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Creepypasta Fan


Creepypasta Fan is a community for fans of horror & paranormal stories. You will love Creepypasta Fan if you are a horror writer, and want to create and share new scary pastas with others. Show the world how terrifying your stories can be. Creepypasta Fan is also for readers, and horror lovers who enjoy reading scary short stories.Features include - Choose your own username / character- Chat with other Creepypasta lovers- Ability to upload photos and create micro creepy pastas.- Copypasta and share the stories to other social networks- Group roleplay or private chat- Add and invite friends to join
Each day new users create pastas to share with the creepy community. The stories contained within this community might be unnerving. So don't plan on sleeping just yet..
Disclaimer: All stories contained within Creepypasta Fan are fiction. This community is moderated. If you break the rules, you will be banned. You must be 13 years and up to create an account.